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For those looking to learn the Fantasy Grounds VTT, there’s an entire free volunteer community focused on teaching everyone from players to DMs. They have videos, live interactive classes with an instructor, etc. Great way to get up to speed fast, with a great community of support.

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Adventurers League Online | Overview

Programs: Most games use some kind of Virtual Tabletop program, called a VTT for short. These programs offer a battle map, dice, and integrated character sheet. When set up correctly, I can press one button and roll my barbarian Lucinda’s Athletics check. I can click one button and get Glum Jodi Smokeshifter’s attack roll, damage if she hits, and double the damage when she crits.

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Tell us a tale: A guide to your character’s backstory

Whatever your character’s story, one thing will remain true: at some point in their life, something bad would have happened that will shape who they will inevitably become, even if it wasn’t as traumatic as all that. It could be a simple case of inner turmoil, and the anger and frustration, of the desire to become something else or something more.

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Crafting Lazy Monster Tokens for D&D

Miniatures are awesome but come with some big drawbacks. First, miniatures are expensive. Some lucky folks, myself included, bought a lot of miniatures when they were cheap; sometimes as little as fifty cents

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Avernus Rising Campaign Uploads, Thrice the Fun

We have three adventure uploads to the DMs Guild for the Avernus Rising campaign! Attend an archdevil’s ball, deal with a swarm of hellwasps, and search for an ancient artifact. Enjoy your time in the Nine Hells!

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Hold My Corona – A Guide to Plagues in D&D

The truth is, even in our modern age of vaccines and metropoliptic hygiene infrastuctures, contagions are still a facet of everyday life. Even if we ignore the mass hysteria our latest pandemic of [Covid-19, H1-N1, insert this year’s dread virus here],